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Are you TRULY living..???

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

What drives you? What makes you happy? What is it that brings you fulfillment? These can be very difficult questions to answer, for some. It may feel as if you have no idea what your response would be to these questions. You may be in high school, doing what you're supposed to each day, hanging out with friends, completing homework tasks, studying for tests. But have you ever really reflected on the things you are doing and pondered what is the value of what you are doing? Where will these tasks lead you? What are your future goals, and do these tasks fulfill a purpose toward that future goal? Or maybe you have been in your career for some time. Do the tasks you're completing in your daily job provide fulfillment for you? Or are they just tasks that need to be completed, to finish a project, to get a paycheck. Do you feel your duties are impactful in your current position? Does it provide fulfillment to your life? Does the time you spend at your job, away from your family for the majority of the day, REALLY give you satisfaction and allow you to feel fulfilled from a job well done that feeds your purpose in life? If not, is it time to do some reflection on your life, your job, your purpose, and see if you can more align with what drives you and provides satisfaction? Life is more full, and there is a distinct purpose when you align with your core beliefs, values and morals and perform in a career that provides energy for your soul, rather than tasks that deplete. Whether you are just embarking on finding that first career, or you are ready to change your life to have a career that fulfills your purpose, you can find hope in doing some reflection and discussion with someone who wants to see you be successful! Make it a goal today to reach out to a professional who can help you discern just what this life may have in store for you that fills you UP! The Well Counseling Services is here to help you find YOU!

Live your BEST life!!!

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