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Do you know people who seem to bounce back from difficult situations with, what appears to be, ease? Or someone who just seems to always be able to remain calm and have a smile on their face even when you know their circumstances are dire? How do they do it!? We are amazed at the positive outlook that they always seem to have. Guess what? YOU can have that attitude as well. When we are able to look at things objectively, trying to step out of the emotions of it all, we have lots to learn, and our minds can pick up new patterns and ways of thinking. The brain is malleable (thank goodness!) and it allows us to learn new things and incorporate new ways of thinking from these learned experiences. To change this mind pattern, it requires us to attend to our thoughts. Why do my thoughts impact me the way they do? Where did I learn this pattern of thinking? If we don't like the way we feel about something, we can learn to change our thoughts that more align with ourselves, and this, in turn, guides our thoughts to a more interpersonal perspective - one that works with our true selves. Paying attention to these thoughts, and altering them to reflect our true selves, is aligning ourselves with what we were created to do and be. When we have mental alignment, our thoughts and our actions are representations of our true selves and we act and think genuinely. Resiliency requires us to take a look introspectively and apply true, authentic thoughts and actions into our lives. I've developed a tool that helps you get started in thinking more authentically:

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