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YOU-niquely YOU!

In daily life, I come across a lot of individuals who stress themselves out, causing themselves a lot of anxiety, due to trying to "fit in"; making sure they DON'T break the mold, as though that would be catastrophic, or bring an untimely death to their social lives. However, I challenge everyone I meet to look at your unique qualities, and enjoy being the one who DOESN'T fit in - the one who basks in his or her own special identity. This does, in fact, take a lot of courage! To risk sideways glances, snide comments, or outspoken words that challenge us when we try to express ourselves differently from the norm can certainly create fear. The way I see it, we were all created so unique that there is not a single replica of us on this planet! Now that's something to be super confident in! When we express our unique selves, there is no way we can be challenged to not be good enough - good enough in regards to whose standards? Our own standards can tell us YES, WE ARE good enough, because we can't compare to others. Expressing our unique selves is critical in the establishment of our true identities, being authentic to the amazing aspects of our personalities, our bodies, our thoughts, our beliefs and values. No one thinks exactly as we each do; when I think about that I am so amazed at the potential for wonderful conversations and interactions that can only happen with that unique person in front of me at the moment. I am grateful for the diverse personalities that make up my social connections - whether it be family, friends, coworkers, or just simply someone I came across on my path in my life. These interactions bring me joy, happiness, challenges, and new insights - creating the most amazing plethora of unique and exciting connections. BE YOU!

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