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Thanks and Giving

There is so much to be thankful for in this life we are living. When we reflect on our paths to where we are today, we can learn so much about ourselves and the life we've lived thus far. Granted, there are some difficult situations that we may have had to work through to get to where we are. We may have experienced pain, suffering, loss, etc. But each of these experiences provided us with insight into another aspect of ourselves that we might not have learned if we had not experienced the difficult. It challenges us to "go deep" and explore our strengths - learning to rely on what we have in our interior, versus allowing others to provide a temporary support for us. When we become aware, and rely on our own strengths, they create an indelible force in us that we can bring to the surface the next time difficult situations arise. We don't have to look outwardly, or chase down someone to support us. We can look inwardly, rely on our own intuitions, and move forward with confidence and an acknowledged self-love - a love that sharpens our understandings and provides us with care and belongingness that only we can provide. Then, we are able to tap into this resource when others need us to help find this in themselves. Because we have become familiar with the process, we can help support another to find his/her own strengths. It's a continuous cycle of thankfulness for what we've learned and provided for ourselves, and giving of ourselves to help others define and develop themselves. What a wonderful experience - reciprocal love and support!

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