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Why "The Well"?!

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

The well, historically, signified a place of engagement and interaction with individuals. It was the cornerstone of the city or settlement, supplying the critical water source for the people. This would be the place where people would gather for that necessary staple - sustenance of life! There would be regular stops throughout the day to access water, engage with others, share stories, offer support, and find comfort from others - the beginnings of socialization with others. Making connections, finding and offering support, are such important aspects to living a healthy life. The Well Counseling Services was created to provide support and offer connection to individuals who are seeking a healthy, productive, engaging life! Life can be difficult; change, transitions, and sometimes crisis can alter our lives and throw us into a tailspin. When we reach out and connect with others, we find that we aren't the only one's who may be struggling - we realize that struggles come with living a busy life. But new techniques and strategies, offered in a positive environment, with compassion and heart, can change the way we attempt to work through our struggles and allow us to live our lives - struggles and all - with a more positive, inspiring and growth-inducing process! The Well is here for you and ready to actively listen with a caring heart, help you discover your own valuable insight, and offer techniques that prepare you to move forward fully equipped with the skills you need to reach your goals! Our mission is to fully engage in the community, connecting each other, offering mental wellness information through workshops and events, family/individual/group therapy, spiritual engagement, and career and college support for those who want to live their most fulfilling life! Reach out and let us know how we can help YOU!

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What a sweet comment, Tee! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and to share your thoughts. You are appreciated! Have a wonderful day!


Tee Walker
Tee Walker
Oct 17, 2019

Well now! I love this description. It truly reflects what I've experienced in our conversations. Mindful of all those who will find connection and purpose here. Well, now.

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