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Seasons of change

The Well Counseling Services offers support for seasons of change

When seasons change, we begin to see differences in what has become the familiar. We see leaves start to drop in the fall, snow and cold in the winter, new growth in the spring, longer days in the summer. Some of us like change - just like greeting the new season, we are meeting the change with anticipation of the new, the possibilities, hope. For others of us, we have difficulty with the new. We like the comfort of the familiar, the familiarity of the known, we believe we know ourselves and have experienced getting to know the now familiar. With all things, they - once upon a time - were new to us, and we had to make adjustments. We learned to make these adjustments based on our coping strategies. Some of us developed coping strategies that were unhealthy, and possibly restricted us from experiencing the new in the most beneficial way for us, and left us fearful and possibly feeling incapable of dealing with change. However, there is good news! We can learn to identify new coping strategies that help us to move forward with our own best abilities to grow; we can change our way of thinking to be open to possibilities rather than the doubts of possible failure. We can look at new experiences as something that we can learn from and develop new skills and habits that are beneficial to us; rather than as something to fear and withdraw from. In other words, it is all in our perspective where we gain our confidence, or lack of, depending on how we view the world. Taking the time to talk with someone who listens to YOU and your own perception of the world, who wants to walk with you on your journey and watch you grow into the YOU that you were destined to be, may be just the "comfort" you need! We're here for you!

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